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At Ecrotek, we’re committed to keeping ahead when it comes to advancements in sustainability for the beekeeping industry. After 3 years of development we’re excited to now be producing our world first BioForme Frames.

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Zero waste technology at its smartest

  • Zero Waste

    BioForme frames burn cleanly, producing similar emissions to a burning a piece of pine. Burning provides clean, zero waste, end of life options for AFB-infected hives, frame replacement and frame cycling. When cleaned after use, damaged BioForme frames can also be commercially composted.

  • Plant Based

    Made from sustainably grown plant material, a BioForme frame is carbon neutral and creates up to 81% less greenhouse gas during production than a plastic frame - a truly sustainable alternative to traditional oil-based plastic frames. Testing has also shown BioForme frames are readily accepted in hives, by queens and workers, and draw out as well as plastic frames and wooden frames with plastic inserts.

  • Durable

    BioForme frames have been designed to withstand the rigours of beekeeping operations. Extensive testing throughout their development ensures a frame that’s rigid, durable and similar in performance to plastic frames. Our testing included heating and cooling, shear force, lateral strength and drop tests. BioForme frames are sun sensitive so It’s important BioForme frames are stored out of the sun, below ambient air temperatures of 40°C.

  • Easy to Use

    BioForme frames are made to the same dimensions as our full depth Beetek plastic frames but also include a number of significant enhancements. Our new edge-to-edge moulding technology has increased usable cells by 7% without compromising rigidity. A redesign of the lugs and end bars also means a reduction in frames catching each other during hive manipulations. Although not yet found in New Zealand, small hive beetle can be devastating to your hive. BioForme frames have minimal cavities to help prevent small hive beetles establishing colonies in the frame.